Workhorse Irons

Black Seth Ciferri Limited Flatside Walker Liner - 5s to 11s

Regular price $350.00 USD

Limited Edition run of Supreme Style OG Flastside Walkers!

We are very stoked to finally release this special edition run of machines that have been in the works for months. From digging up the old pattern, casting frames, various machining tweaks, hand grinding, stamping, polishing, custom coils, quarters straight from the US mint, silver contacts, assembly and fine tuning....these machines are top notch with no expense spared in their creation.

Technical Specs:

  • Cast Iron OG Walker Frame
  • Hand Ground, Prepped and Lightly Polished with Black Finish
  • Deluxe Blackened Hardware, Plus Silver Contact
  • Hand Brazed Collet Vise, great for use with Disposable and Steel Tubes
  • 2020 Milled Quarter Spring Saddle, Plus Dime Washers
  • 1.25" 8 Wrap Square Bottom Custom Coils with Specialty Cores
  • Slow Speed with a Hard Hit
  • Running 125-130 Hz at 6V Unloaded
  • Pushing 5's to 11's No Problem
  • Weighing in at ounces about 7 ounces
  • As always, MADE IN THE USA