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Chris Smith Supreme Liner

Regular price $350.00 USD
New Chris Smith Supreme Liner! Built with an aluminum upright and ass end with a steel base/vise, these half and half machines are lightweight, well-balanced, and built for all day everyday tattoos.

  • CNC Cut Aluminum Frame
  • Steel Base and Vise Inlaid into the Aluminum Frame
  • Deluxe Blackened Steel Hardware, Spring Saddle, and Clip Cord Yoke Screw
  • 6 Wrap 1.25” Tape Coils with Oversized Cap
  • Pushes 5’s to 14’s Easy
  • Slow and Steady with a Heavy Hit
  • 120-130 Hz at 6.5 V unloaded
  • Weighing in at a mere 5.6 oz