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Dan Kubin Mojobox V2.2 - Nickel

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Dan Kubin Mojobox V2.2

Newly remastered, this is the 2nd variant of the 2nd generation of the Mojobox. New spring setup that enhances performance, punch, adjustability, and makes it more cartridge friendly!

Now with more versatility and ease of hit adjustment throughout the tattoo. It is more ergonomic, more reliable, and most of all, more performance focused than its predecessor. It is a punchy coil like machine with the reliability and ergonomics of a rotary.

The focus of its design is to be more like a shader/packer that can also line well, whereas the Sidewinder is more of a liner that can shade. If you prefer more punch at a slower to medium speed, this is a great option.  Excellent for fine line, black and grey, color packing with any size mag. Can drive 14 liners, if you prefer to “set the needle into the skin” whereas the Sidewinder prefers to have the needle floated across the skin.

The Remastered Mojobox has a numbered upstroke wheel (same as the V3r) which allows for a wide range of versatility throughout the hit once in the 5.3 and up voltage ranges. Simply turn the stroke wheel for a longer or shorter stroke. The 5 setting is middle of the road and what most people use. Turn up towards 9 for longer srtroke and down towards 1 for shorter stroke.

Intended for standard needle on bar. For cartridges, you may use a rubber band to negate the tension by pulling the rubber band over the top of the armature. Needle on bar will have more hit and cartridges will be slightly subdued and less aggressive which is the nature of a cartridge.

Typical operating range: 4 - 6 volts, sweet spot for most is 5 Volts on the 5 setting.

Brass Frame with Polished Nickel Finish

Weight: 5 oz

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