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Dan Kubin Sidewinder v7.5 - Nickel w/ Oak

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*7.5 highlights: Made a straight angle on drive spring shelf on the armature bar, allowing for a more effortless and graceful hit.

*Impact screw and Impact pin are now adjusted with the 1.5mm allen key provided with the machine.

*More prominent timing marks on the sideplate for the impact pin.  (for advanced tuning/stroke adjustment, this helps with being more intuitive)

*Cleaner sound/better acoustics.

* Side locking screw is positioned to secure the impact screw most effectively

The Sidewinder 7 is the most revolutionary Sidewinder yet.  Now, not only is it the supreme liner, it now is great in the lower volt range for shading to color packing, fine line and stippled whip shading techniques.

It has 5 stroke positions ranging from 3.5-4mm. While tattooing,  hit is controlled with adjustable return spring tension.

The impact screw is adjustable. This allows for more precise tuning.  It still has an adjustment pin on the frame , which will slightly change the stroke, or allow for a quick impact adjustment.  

The main goal for this batch is for simple tuning for the end user, but with the option/ability to dial it in precisely for those who know how they want their machine to run.

If you want a softer hitting machine, you don’t have to compromise the stroke length.  You can simply adjust the return spring tension on the fly throughout the tattoo.  

Recommended voltage range: 4 - 6.5

featherweight: 3.95 oz / 112 grams

*keep in mind that the weight is very forward, low and balanced. This said, even with a weight of 6.2 oz, there is very little strain on the wrist.


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