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Dan Kubin Swingliner V2.1 24k Gold

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Introducing the Remastered Swingliner!  

Expect more performance, reliability, and ergonomics.

Like its predecessor, the polarity of the clipcord determines if the hit is harder or softer. The difference being that the hit is now much crispier and precise.  It has a nice give to it to accompany the crispy punch, making for a very efficient yet non-invasive hit.

The Ergonomics have been greatly increased by  lowering the center of gravity, and shifting the mass to the front of the machine.

Since the first incarnation of the Swingliner, followed by the DMC, I have learned many tricks and much more about the unique cam concept to bring you the most dependable, simple to use, high performance cartridge machine yet!

No nipples, no rubber bands, no tuning, no bullshit.  

weight: approx. 4oz/110 grams

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