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Dan Kubin Springs

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New V3R "23" SS Sidewinder Spring $8.00 USD Available
SS Sidewinder Spring $7.00 USD Available
OG Sidewinder Spring $6.00 USD Available
Ghost Dog Revival Spring $11.00 USD Available

Stainless Steel V3r "23" Sidewinder Spring- New stainless steel main spring for all "23" model sidewinders. 

Stainless Steel V3r Sidewinder Spring - Updated spring used on 2020 to 2022 sidewinders. Slightly different shape with a flat rear end of the spring.

OG Sidewinder Spring - From the original V3R sidewinder (2019-2020). Used for both the pivoting and rear stoke spring.  Also can be used for v3, v4, and v5. Original rounded rear end of the spring.

Ghost Dog Revival Spring - For the Dan Kubin X Adam Ciferri Ghost Dog Revival. Stainless steel front and backer spring included.