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DK Swift Tips - 5 to 11 Round (Box of 24 Tips)

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New DK Swift Tip System! This is a convenient way to use standard needles and maintain that rigid grip/and counterweight while having a minimal waste, fast setup for standard needles. Less vibration and better feel for better tattooing. 

Box of 24 Tips (Grip Not Included)

*Must be used with DK Swift Tip Grip

These tips have great visibility and come to a nice point.  The biggest benefit is being able to see more needle even when you don't have a lot of needle hanging out.

The shape of the round tips is in between a round and a diamond. That said, it is the best of both worlds.  It allows for maximum verastility and stability for a wider range of sizes.

This tip configuration is for your medium round needle groupings.

I prefer it for my straight 5 rounds up to straight 9RL, or a tight or bugpin 11 Round. (if using a traditional 11 Round, I recommend the 9-18 size)

These tips are hydrophobic and have an antimicrobial additive in them. That said, you may need to check with your local health dept for protocol on single use plastic products used in the tattooing process.. (such as ink caps)

*blister packaged tips coming soon

Made in house at DK Rotary in Kansas City MO, USA

Better tools to make better tattoos.

Customer Reviews

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Johann Humm
Best disposable tips ever!

The tips along with the weight of the grip make things balanced and feel great in the hand.
Ink flow is great as well.
Thanks to everyone at WHI for helping with getting these out to us. And of course thanks to DK for making it happen too.