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Limited Edition Aaron Cain X Dan Kubin Biomech Brass V3R Sidewinder

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Special Limited Edition Biomech Dan Kubin V3R Sidewinder carved by Aaron Cain!!!

Machine Specs:

  • Raw Brass Frame (for earned natural patina it will gain over time and use) plus Blackened Hardware
  • Carved and Finished by Aaron Cain!!
  • DK Thumbscrew, Batch 4 weighted Armature Bar, and Stroke Wheel
  • The renowned rotary liner.  Effortlessly sink any size line by just grazing the skin. Also good for shading and color blends if you adjust your stroke and voltage.
  • The motor is the same as the  V2-V4 Sidewinder, which has proven the test of time.  It has been a favorite of the long time Sidewinder collectors.
  • Vice-Lock that easily tightens on nearly any tube
  • Great for all varieties of Line Work or as a Fast Shader/Packer
  • Timing mark on the cam and frame for setting the impact screw. (Just like the V5 and V6)
  • Numbered stroke dial so you can easily play with the stroke without fear of losing that sweet spot.  You can’t make it too long or too short

Machine Setup:

  • Standard Needle on Bar: wrap a thick rubber band around the motor cap and across the front of the machine to add needle bar tension. It is recommended that you use Thick Rubber Bands and Dan's Perfect Nipples.
  • Cartridges: wrap a rubber band around the motor cap and over the top of the armature bar to counteract the cartridge's upward tension. Thick or standard rubber bands both work, it will just depend on the tension of the cartridge membrane or band to determine with rubber band provides the proper counter resistance.

For more info please watch the V3R Setup and Tuning Video:

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