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Limited Pike x Rogers Slider Rotary - Lime x Illusion Green

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Limited Mike Pike x Cory Rogers Linear Rotary!

Built and designed by Cory Rogers and Mike Pike, these collaborative linear rotary machines are smooth running, consistent, and built with only the finest components to ensure years of problem free use.

Here are the specifics:
  • Precision milled high-grade Aerospace Aluminum body
  • Custom Lime Anodized Parts and Illusion Green Powder Coated Frame, plus Blackened Deluxe Binders and Cast Iron Wingnut
  • Custom Cory Rogers Laser Etched Artwork
  • Powered by a top of the line Maxon motor described by Mike Pike to be the "best motor he has ever used in a rotary"
  • Comfortable and well balanced with a tube vice that will bite and hold all disposable and stainless tubes
  • Forward facing wingnut that won't ride your hand or get in your way
  • 4 mm stroke that works great for color packing, shading and also large groupings lining
  • Pushes 5 to 49 mag and 9 to 18 Rounds no problem
  • Runs best anywhere between 5 and 10 volts
  • Most are lining between 8-10 Volts for larger groupings, 5-9 volts for color packing and B&G work
  • Great with Needle on Bar or Cartridges
  • Lightweight weighing in at a mere 4.5 oz

Made with love in the USA by real tattooers Mike Pike and Cory Rogers.

Thanks and enjoy,
Mike & Cory