Workhorse Irons

Mike Pike Shader - Garage Sale

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**Lock-down machines from Canada now available at a discounted price!

We closed our Canadian branch early on during the extended lock-downs in Canada and we were unable to retrieve them or cross the border until recently. These are all brand new machines, they have just been sitting boxed up in Canada since the early days of Covid in 2020. They are dated 2018/2019 and run as they should with no wear or corrosion. Sales are final, but warranties still do apply.

Mike Pike Shader

- CNC Cut Iron Frame with PIKE Stamp
- Workhorse Red Oxide Finish
- Deluxe Blackened Workhorse Hardware
- Over Under Rear Binder Setup
- Custom Designed Pike Vise
- 1.25" 8 Wrap Black Heat Shrink Coils
- Slow with a Hard Hit
- Running 100-105 Hz @ 5V Unloaded
- Pushing 5's-13's with Ease
- Weighs 7.2 Oz