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Mike Pike x Ernie Carafa Limited Cast Iron Liner - Nickel Plated

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Mike Pike x Ernie Carafa Cast Iron Liner - Limited Nickel Plated Version!

Very special collaborative frame designed and cast in Iron by Mike Pike and Ernie Carafa years ago, recently found and pulled from rusty buckets, cleaned up, cnc milled with collet vises welded in, and built up by Mike Pike.

  • Nickel Plated OG Cast Iron Frame
  • Custom Antiqued Finish
  • Deluxe Nickel Plated Hardware
  • Long Nipple Armature Bar
  • Custom 1.125" 8 Wrap Metal Foil Coils
  • Slow Speed with a Long Stroke and Solid Hit
  • Running 125-130 Hz Unloaded at 6.5 Volts
  • Great for use with 5s to 11s
  • Made in the USA by Mike Pike
  • Forward facing wingnut that won't ride your hand or get in the way
  • Solid machine weighing in at about 8 ounces


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