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Seth Ciferri Cholomatic Liner V2 - Single Needle

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Seth Ciferri Cholomatic™ Liner V2

Updated version of Seth's only machine built and designed as a dedicated single needle liner for fine line work. New updated version includes shorter geometry utilizing his steel slide vise from his Doorbell machines on a very lightweight Aluminum frame. These are by far the best version yet, they are more compact with less weight, plus a chunky steel vise to reduce noise and vibration.

- Black Anodized Aerospace Aluminum Chopped Cholomatic™ Liner Frame
- Blackened Steel Slide Vise
- Black Deluxe Hardware
- 1.125" 8 Wrap Workhorse Coils
- Quick with a Soft Hit
- Perfect for Stippling and Extra Fine Lines
- Running 150- 155 Hz @ 6 V Unloaded
- Best Pushing 1's to 3's
- Well Balanced 6.4 Ounce Weight

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