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Green Soap (Gallon)

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Green Soap (Gallon)
- Effective detergent/cleaner for removal of dried blood and protein soils from skin and scalp
- Effective for cleaning surgical instruments and surgical apparatus before sterilization
- Preferred by most professional tattoo artists
- Great for cleaning instruments and general use

Green Soap Directions:
Mix 1 part green soap to 8 parts distilled water (example; 1 oz. green soap to 8 oz. distilled water,or 16 oz. green soap to 128 oz. / 1 gallon distilled water.) 
Used to rinse, cleanse, and cool down – before, during, and after tattooing. A must have for any tattoo artist. 
Add some green soap to a foaming hand-soap container and shave your clients with green soap foam.

For cleaning instruments before sterilization - mix 1 part soap to 16 parts distilled water
For use as a shampoo or hand cleanser - use full strength
. For general use - mix 1 part soap to 8 parts distilled water

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