Workhorse Irons

Deluxe Workhorse Tattoo Cartridges (Membrane) - 20/box

Regular price Sale price $33.00 USD
Grouping Price Inventory Quanity
Foam Cartridge Tube (24 Pack) $33.00 USD Available
3 Round Traditional $34.00 USD Available
5 Round Traditional $35.00 USD Available
7 Round Traditional $36.00 USD Available
9 Round Traditional $37.00 USD Available
11 Round Traditional $37.00 USD Available
14 Round Traditional $38.00 USD Available
3 Round Tight $34.00 USD Available
5 Round Tight $35.00 USD Available
7 Round Tight $36.00 USD Available
9 Round Tight* $27.00 USD Available
5 Round Loose Liner* $25.00 USD Available
7 Round Loose Liner* $26.00 USD Available
8 Round Loose Liner $36.00 USD Available
9 Round Loose Liner* $27.00 USD Available
5 Mag* $25.00 USD Available
7 Mag* $26.00 USD Available
9 Mag $37.00 USD Available
11 Mag* $27.00 USD Available
13 Mag* $37.00 USD Available
15 Mag $38.00 USD Available
7 Curved Mag* $26.00 USD Available
9 Curved Mag* $27.00 USD Available
11 Curved Mag $37.00 USD Available
13 Curved Mag $37.00 USD Available
15 Curved Mag* $28.00 USD Available
9 Mag Curved Bug Pin $37.00 USD Available
11 Mag Curved Bug Pin $37.00 USD Available
13 Mag Curved Bug Pin $37.00 USD Available
15 Mag Curved Bug Pin $38.00 USD Available
17 Mag Curved Bug Pin $38.00 USD Available

*We are transitioning to a newer version of our Membrane Cartridges with an updated tip style and less resistance for better ink flow and greater performance. New Membrane Cartridges are now clear instead of the dark grey so you can visibly see we are using a better, cleaner and stronger plastic.

**While we make this transition, groupings with the old version classic membrane resistance and tip are discounted.


Deluxe Workhorse Membrane Cartridges!


We are proud to release these new, high quality Workhorse Cartridges. We have been working towards this for quite some time now and we are very happy with the quality and performance of these cartridges. 

Produced with the same needle quality and configuration spacing as our standard needles on bar. These cartridges are very consistent with numerous quality checks in production, ensuring a much higher quality cartridge guaranteed to work well for every tattoo.

  • High Quality #12 Needles for all Traditional groupings
  • #10 Bugpins for all groupings listed as Tight 
  • Easy Twist and Lock Mechanism to securely hold your Cartridges in place
  • Cartridge Needles Packed 20 per box
  • Membrane to Prevent Back-flow
  • 20 Cartridges per Box


New Deluxe Foam Cartridge Grip fits our Membrane Cartridges perfectly and is ergonomically comfortable with a 1.5" Soft Foam. 24 Grips per box.

As with all of our products that we offer, these cartridges are designed by tattoo artists for tattoo artists.....none of the standard off the shelf grouping configurations.

Better tools to make better tattoos.

*please let us know if we don't have any groupings you need and we will add them to the line up

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